Transformers PDF SAMPLE
  • Colour puzzle – use the letters from the centre word to make four new words (Language Neutral spelling) from the three-letter words.
    To solve a Transformers puzzle take a letter from the middle word and without changing the letter order, fit it into a three letter word to make a new word.
    Colour is not essential to solve the puzzle. You may convert the eps files to greyscale to print in black and white.

  • Take a letter from the middle word and, without changing the order of the letters, fit it into a three letter word to make a new word. Repeat the process, using all the letters of the middle word.
  • Permitted use:
    Single non-exclusive use of the puzzle in a single publication. Lovatts Media retains full copyright of all material.

    Files provided:
    Puzzle and solution provided in pdf and eps formats - TRANSFORMERS_xxxx_PUZSOL.eps and TRANSFORMERS_xxxx_PUZSOL.pdf

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