About Us

We really love making puzzles!

Puzzlexperts is the Licensing & Syndication arm of Lovatts Media, selling either white label or Lovatts-branded content.

The story of Lovatts Media began in 1978, when Christine and James Lovatt set to work at the kitchen table hand-compiling the first Colossus Crossword.  Today the company publishes 21 magazine titles in Australia, NZ and the UK, and syndicates to hundreds of print and digital publishers worldwide.

For over thirty years, Lovatts has stayed true to the vision of creating smart, thoughtful content for puzzlers of all abilities. We understand that the experience of solving a crossword, puzzle or brainteaser should be enjoyable – and we guarantee the quality of every single Lovatts puzzle, whether in our own magazines or in one of the many popular titles to which we syndicate.

These days, Christine and her family are joined by our in-house team of professional compilers, designers, digital folk, and business brains who share her passion for puzzles.


Our Clients

Our clients include leading publishers in print and online, app developers, in-flight entertainment providers and more.