Sudoku X-Factor Easy PDF SAMPLE
  • 9x9 Sudoku variant – you’ll need to fit the numbers 1 to 9 into each diagonal on the grid, as well as the classic Sudoku rows, columns and 3x3 boxes.

    Although you have to use numbers, there’s no adding –up in the Sudoku X-Factor. Just keep to the logical rules to reach the solution.
    You may copy and use the Sudoku X-Factor instructions found on the How to tab in each Sudoku X-Factor view.

  • To solve a Sudoku X-Factor puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in:

    Each of the nine vertical columns
    Each of the nine horizontal rows
    Each of the nine 3 x 3 blocks
    Each of the two shaded diagonals

    Remember no number can occur more than once in any row, column, 3x3 block, or diagonal.

  • Permitted use:
    Single non-exclusive use of the puzzle in a single publication. Lovatts Media retains full copyright of all material. 

    Files provided:
    Blank puzzle grid in pdf and eps formats - Sudoku_X_Factor_Easy_xxxx_PUZ.pdf and Sudoku_X_Factor_Easy_xxxx_PUZ.eps 
    Puzzle solution grid in pdf and eps formats - Sudoku_X_Factor_Easy_xxxx_SOL.pdf and Sudoku_X_Factor_Easy_xxxx_SOL.eps 

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