Ripple Effect Hard PDF SAMPLE
  • Square-format logic puzzle 9x9 (Hard) 
  • A Ripple Effect grid is made up of different ‘Sets’, each consisting of one or more cells.

    To solve the puzzle, the correct numbers must be placed in each of the cells according to the following rules:
    Every Set must contain the number 1 and then up to the amount of individual cells. 

    For example, if there are four cells in a Set, it must contain the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    If a row or column includes two identical numbers, at least that number of cells must separate them. 

    For example, two ‘number 3’ cells in the same row and column must have three cells in between 
    them containing other numbers.
  • Permitted use:
    Single non-exclusive use of the puzzle in a single publication. Lovatts Media retains full copyright of all material. 

    Files provided:
    Blank puzzle grid in pdf and eps formats - Ripple_Effect_HARD_xxxx_PUZ.pdf and Ripple_Effect_HARD_xxxx_PUZ.eps 
    Puzzle solution grid in pdf and eps formats - Ripple_Effect_HARD_xxxx_SOL.pdf and Ripple_Effect_HARD_xxxx_SOL.eps 

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