Cryptic Straight Crossword PDF SAMPLE
  • This crossword doubles your fun by providing two sets of clues. It’s a great way to learn the secrets of cryptic crosswords.

    The first set consists of Lovatts friendly but intriguing cryptic clues but, if you need a little help in exploring the wordplay, there’s a second set of synonym-style clues to help you along.The small grid size leaves room to display both sets of clues in your page layout.

    Both the cryptic and the straight synonym-style clues use British English spelling (e.g. HONOUR, LEVELLED or PAEDIATRICIAN).

    11x11 British style grid; Lovatts famed cryptic clues AND Lovatts clear and easy synonym-style clues; British English spelling.

  • When you look at a cryptic clue, it often looks like complete nonsense, but the real meaning is always there somewhere, as well as a more roundabout way of getting to the answer.
    There are different types of cryptic clues. All you have to do is recognise the key words in the clue.

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  • Permitted use:
    Single non-exclusive use of the puzzle in a single publication. Lovatts Media retains full copyright of all material.

    Files provided:
    Clues in txt file format, CRYPTIC_STRAIGHT_11x11_xxx_CLUES.txt
    Blank puzzle grid in pdf and eps formats - CRYPTIC_STRAIGHT_11x11_xxx_PUZ.pdf and CRYPTIC_STRAIGHT_11x11_xxx_PUZ_CS2.eps
    Puzzle solution grid in pdf and eps formats - CRYPTIC_STRAIGHT_11x11_xxx_SOL.pdf and CRYPTIC_STRAIGHT_11x11_xxx_SOL_CS2.eps

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