Crossword American Standard PDF SAMPLE
  • Lovatts have been supplying the North American market for many years, hence we have created this popular crossword.

    All of these crosswords contain US English spelling – the English spelling used in the USA, Japan, the Philippines, Liberia, etc. Examples include: HONOR, LEVELED or PEDIATRICIAN.

    The American clue style is more elliptical, even cryptic, and does not include break-ups for phrases or hyphenated words so the clue for HOLDUP might be ‘Delay a crime’, ‘Bank job’ or ‘Sundance activity’. These American style crossword grids have more words as the words intersect on nearly every letter and the grids contain fewer ‘black squares’.

    15 x 15 American style grid; American style elliptical clues; US English spelling – for American English users.

  • How To Do Crosswords

    Across and Down indicate the direction an answer will be written into the crossword grid. The clue number corresponds to a starting square on the crossword grid. The answers to clues are written from left to right or top to bottom from the starting square.

    If you can’t answer the first clue, scan the other clues until you find something you might know. You can then work from there. Once you fill in an answer, those letters will help you to answer the clues to the intersecting words. 

    If a clue is plural, the answer will be too and if the clue is past tense, so will the answer be. In most cases, you can guess that a plural will end in S and a past tense will end in ED. 

    If there are brackets holding numbers after a clue, this indicates the number of letters of the word or words in the answer. For example, ‘Famous portrait (4,4)’ indicates the answer is two words of 4 letters each; MONA LISA.
  • Permitted use:

    Single non-exclusive use of the puzzle in a single publication. Lovatts Media retains full copyright of all material.
    Files provided:
    Clues in txt file format, Crossword American STANDARD_xxxx_CLUES.txt
    Blank puzzle grid in pdf and eps formats - Crossword American STANDARD_xxxx_PUZ.pdf and Crossword American STANDARD_xxxx_PUZ_CS2.eps
    Puzzle solution grid in pdf and eps formats - Crossword American STANDARD_xxxx_SOL.pdf and Crossword American STANDARD_xxxx_SOL_CS2.eps
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