• Not Your Grandma’s Crossword Anymore 
Not Your Grandma’s Crossword Anymore 

At Lovatts we think it’s time to dispel a lingering perception about the humble crossword. For too long it has been treated as a relic, positioned forlornly at the rear of a magazine, to be given attention only as a plan B for a rainy day. That - if it was ever true - is certainly no longer. The crossword is all grown up now, and imposing itself on a new generation of solvers around the world.

Where else, besides the humble crossword, are you likely to encounter Game Of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Ed Sheeran, and Pokemon Go all on the same page? Where else could you discover references to ‘Brexit’, ‘twerking’, and ‘unfriending’ sharing the same piece of real estate? It’s these sorts of entries that have been propelling the black-and-white boxes to new heights of stardom and diversity.  Crosswords are not just a doctors’ room distraction, they’re a way of sharing knowledge, celebrating change, and revelling in inclusions to our language and pop culture.

Our gang of content creators here at Lovatts Media exemplify this diversity. Obviously we all share a love of wordplay and the English language, but our outside interests couldn’t be more different: guitarist, golfer, hula-hooper, poetry writer, roller derby girl, equestrian, marathon runner, racing car driver, entrepreneur, and chorister are just some of the badges we wear outside the office. The Lovatts team spans the generations, too; from hipster-bearded twenty-somethings to beatnik baby-boomers.  This variety is important in ensuring rich and innovative puzzle content, perfect for modern day digital detoxers.

Of course, peppering a puzzle with contemporary references won’t necessarily ensure its success. Crosswords need to be thoughtful, respectful, and executed with the solvers in mind. Just because something exists doesn’t make it a great grid word or clue. Knowing one’s audience is paramount.

We love the challenge of staying relevant to all generations, and we love sharing the fun of words. Creating crosswords is our dream job and we’re excited that more and more people are re-discovering their love of crosswords too.