Digital Puzzles

Universal Crossword

$100.00 AUD /per month


Digital Puzzles

Universal Crossword

$100.00 AUD /per month*

Fully responsive, multi-platform HTML5 crossword for your web site or web-enabled app. For a fixed monthly fee, you'll receive a new crossword each day and an archive of the previous six days' puzzles.  Read more about the technical stuff or check out the demo.

The global audience of the digital world presents new challenges for English language products, particularly in crosswords where regional spelling conventions can mean the difference between a pleasant solving experience and an unsolvable frustration. 

We have solved this problem by providing a unique language-neutral Universal Crossword. This clever crossword contains no spelling or cultural nasties to irritate the person solving it

See how it works

Re-size your browser window or view this page on a mobile device or tablet to watch the puzzle layout respond to the space available.

*Plus Plays. Your first 10,000 plays per puzzle type per month are FREE! Plays over 10,000 per puzzle type per month will be charged and billed in arrears.
Rates start at $0.00250 AUD with a sliding scale as plays increase.