Match Boxes PDF SAMPLE
  • Colour Puzzle – match the letters in a square and a circle to a longer make word. One set of letters will be left at the end.

    Matchboxes are fun puzzles with squares and circles. Match one of each shape together to make a word. When you have found all the words there will be one set of letters left over. British English spelling is used in Matchboxes. Colour is not essential to solve the puzzle. You may convert the eps files to greyscale to print in black and white.

  • Using the letters in one circle and one square each time, put the letters together to form seven words. The letters in each shape are in the right order, and either the square or circle can come first. When you have finished finding the words, there will be one set of letters left over. This will be the solution word.
  • Permitted use:
    Single non-exclusive use of the puzzle in a single publication. Lovatts Media retains full copyright of all material.

    Files provided:
    Puzzle and solution provided in pdf and eps formats - MATCH_BOXES_xxxx_PUZSOL.eps and MATCH_BOXES_xxxx_PUZSOL.pdf

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