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Standard Puzzle Features – All Plans

Daily Puzzles

A fresh puzzle on your website every day – updated automatically – will keep visitors coming back for more.

Daily Ranking

Upon completion puzzlers can see at a glance how they’ve performed against fellow puzzlers. This feature adds to the addictive nature of Puzzlexperts puzzles, therefore contributes to site stickiness.

Zoom, Print & Pause functions

10x Zoom applied to grids and 3x Zoom applicable to clues means visitors with poor or deteriorating eyesight can still participate. The print function allows visitors to complete the puzzle offline and check solutions. Puzzlers can also pause game play at any time so they don’t compromise their ranking.

Auto-Check & Puzzle Hints

To avoid frustration, dead ends, and early exiting, puzzlers can track their progress via ‘puzzle hints’ and ‘correct answer highlighting‘.

Comprehensive Help Menu/Instructions

Every function and feature is explained thoroughly in the help menu attached to every Puzzlexperts puzzle. Visitors needn’t be left scratching their heads. Toggle between the help menu and game mode at any stage without affecting puzzle play.


Premium Puzzle Plans – Features & Benefits:

Click to view the fabulous features provided as standard with all PuzzlExperts puzzles

Exclusive Puzzle Content

Unlike our Free Puzzle Plans where content is shared among all free subscribers, our Premium Puzzle Plans will guarantee exclusivity of your puzzle for the date on which it is displayed. We also guarantee this puzzle will not appear anywhere else on the web for at least nine months – a great point of difference for serious publishers.

Comprehensive Daily Statistics

Like to know how well your puzzles are performing? Sign up for any of our Premium Puzzle Plans and you’ll gain access to the PuzzlExperts backend where you can monitor puzzle plays by means of a custom stats package where data is displayed in an easy to interpret visual format.

Free from Advertising

To maintain the integrity of your brand, sign up for a Premium or Custom Puzzle Plan and we’ll remove all advertising and sponsor links. Of course, you’ll then have the option to place your own or client’s advertising around or embedded in puzzles (applicable to Premium and Custom Plans only).

Seven Day Puzzle Archive

With life’s ever-increasing demands even die-hard puzzlers will miss the occasional daily challenge. But this needn’t result in frustration because as part of every Premium Plan (excludes Sudoku which offers 4 difficulty levels as standard), they’ll have access to a seven day puzzle archive. This is a great feature not only to reward loyal visitors but also to increase site dwell time.

Competition feature – Make money from your puzzles!

Pique interest, get maximum value for money and increased exposure for your brand by using the competition function built into the PuzzlExperts backend. To illustrate how this feature works, here are a couple of examples:

  • Switch on the ‘comp registration‘ feature (refer screenshot) so puzzlers are required to enter their name and email address for a chance to win a prize. In addition to the extra traffic the competition will generate (enabling you to exploit advertising opportunities via increased page views and brand exposure), you can also use your freshly created mailing list for own marketing purposes or to on-sell to interested third parties.
  • Switch on the ‘solution search‘ function which will drive traffic to a nominated URL upon puzzle completion for users to retrieve an answer in order to enter your competition. Set up an entry form on your own or a remote site. This provides a win-win situation for both you and your client: drive traffic to respective sites, increase brand awareness and loyalty, enable data collection, and ultimately – make money!

Trivia Hints

In terms of features and function we believe the PuzzlExperts range of puzzles is superior to all others we’ve come across. And now we’ve provided another twist – ‘Trivia Hints’ – which adds yet another diemnsion and point of difference. Turn hints on or off at any time via the options panel. »View a screenshot  »Enquire here about our Premium Puzzle Plans

Customisation Options

Select between two elegantly themed puzzle skins, and insert your logo as part of our Premium Puzzle service. If you’d like even greater control of your puzzles, or would like to add custom content, our talented team can build you a puzzle or game with design and functionality limited only by your imagination or budget. Full customisation is ideal for new product launches or seasonal promotions. Price available on Application. Get in touch here or click here for more information about our brand integrated puzzles.